What is Cherry and how does it work?

Get treated now and make payments over time with Cherry. Cherry is a payment plan that allows you to get treated today and make convenient monthly payments. You can apply with Cherry in 60 seconds and complete your treatment and product purchase quickly and painlessly.

When you apply, Cherry performs a soft credit check, which does not hurt your credit score. It verifies your identity and determines your approval amounts. Cherry may ask for additional information from some borrowers in order to determine approval amounts.

Patient Requirements

  • Patient must be at least 18 years of age
  • Patient must have a valid bank issued debit card
  • Patient must have a valid U.S. driver license

3 Reasons Why Patients Love Cherry

  • Cherry qualifies patients for up to $10,000.00
  • There is no hard credit check
  • Cherry offers zero percent financing options*

Enjoy Paying Over Time

Autopay and 24/7 access to the Cherry self-serve patient portal gives you more ways to pay and the power to manage your payments.

* 0% APR and other promotional rates subject to eligibility.