Intimate wellness is an important part of health, but many women struggle. Approximately 14% of women struggle with low libido, and 40% with decreased orgasm.
Many women also struggle with dryness and discomfort. While there are many reasons why these issues may occur, it is as simple as scheduling a consult for a full evaluation to nail down what is causing the issues, and to develop a treatment plan that can help!
The fairytale, which is also known as the O Shot, is a viable treatment option for many women. During this procedure, PRP (platelet rich plasma) is injected into certain areas of the genital region to improve sexual dysfunction. The area is numbed for increased comfort.
PRP helps form collagen and bring improved blood supply to the area of treatment. It is also thought that new nerves may develop in the areas that are treated. Here's what our patients say have improved since receiving this treatment:

*Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation

*Younger looking and feeling skin of the vulva

*A tighter vaginal opening

*Stronger and more frequent orgasms

*Increased sexual desire

*Decreased pain with intercourse

*Increased lubrication

*Decreased stress incontinence